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Roger Whale - Out & About on Dartmoor!

Roger Whale has lived and worked on Dartmoor since 1949 both in agriculture and the holiday industry. He has a deep love of the moor and likes nothing better than to spend time walking its Tors and Valleys, feeling an affinity with the sights and sounds of nature.

“A Grave Mistake”

The latest novel by Roger Whale - Now Available!

“A Grave Mistake”

The latest novel by Roger Whale - Now Available!

Local businessman Mark Bosworth has gone missing in unusual circumstances. He is probably the most disliked man in the village, taking great delight in hurting and upsetting people. His absence is welcomed by many, but did any of them have a hand in his disappearance?  

 Detective Sergeant Shirley Ashton is called in to investigate. She is helped by Detective Constable Newman Chaffe but they get nowhere until an idea is put to them by local pensioner, Charlie Blundell. This leads them to a surprise and a  whole new set of puzzles.



This is Roger’s fifth novel in the series “Tales of a Dartmoor Village”.

Set in an un-named village on Dartmoor it tells more tales of the lives of those living there, with some new characters and several old friends. Unlike previous novels this one is a Murder Mystery.

Roger has a conversational style of writing which makes all of his books enjoyable to read.

About the Author...

Tales of a Dartmoor Village - Kindle Books

All five books are now available to buy on Amazon’s Kindle Book Store where you can buy the books to read on any of Amazon’s Kindle Devices and for use on many other electronic book reading devices like Apple’s I Phone, I Pod Touch, I Pad along with many other phones and your home computer.


All the Kindle Editions have an inbuilt colour cover so it looks great especially on the I Phone and I Pad which can display the cover in full colour.


You can obtain your copy from the Kindle Store by clicking on the direct links or the Book images above.

“The Oak Apple - Smashwords Edition”

Roger’s latest novel - Now Available on Smashwords!

“The Oak Apple - Smashwords Edition”

Roger’s latest novel - Now Available on Smashwords!

The Oak Apple can be purchased on the Smashwords website. The Smashwords website has versions of the book suitable for reading on most E Book Readers and Computers.


You can purchase an Epub version which can be used on Apple I Pads, I Phones, I Pod Touches, Sony Reader, Nook, Kobo, Stanza and a variety of other platforms.


The Oak Apple Smashwords Edition

The Oak Apple - Smashwords Edition Now Available!

Roger Whale’s three novels which form the series Tales of a Dartmoor Village will all soon be available as Smashwords Editions. You can visit Roger’s Smashwords page here.

Tales of a Dartmoor Village

Tales of a Dartmoor Village is a series of Romantic Novels set amid the beautiful scenery of Dartmoor in Devon. Written by local author, Roger Whale, they tell the stories of the lives and loves of the folks who live in a Dartmoor village.

All Roger’s books are available to buy now both online and at many local stockists throughout Devon.