Sharp Tor, Widecombe Church & Sittaford View

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Hameldown Walk

This walk started at the top of Southcombe Hill above Widecombe in the Moor. In recent years this spot has been given many names such as Wind Tor Car Park. The correct name is Two Crosses. Many years ago the parish length-man used to cut two crosses in the turf to mark this spot where three Manors in the parish met. I suggested to the Widecombe and District Local History Group that there should be a stone there suitably engraved. They agreed, I gave the stone and the Dartmoor National Park Authority did the engraving. It was placed on site in June 2008

From Two Crosses we set off up the track and onto the ridge, a fairly long uphill pull to Hamilton Beacon then on past Two Barrows, Single Barrow to Broad Barrow (705798).

One of the sad things that we have noticed this year is that the heather is dying. In several places on the moor there are vast swathes of dead heather. I’m told that it could be caused by the heather beetle whose attacks on heather tends to kill the older bushes. Perhaps more

vigorous swaling is required. Certainly in many places the gorse has reached a great and dense height with saplings of rowan, birch and thorn growing out of it. With the lack of stock to graze and other traditional farming practices the face of Dartmoor is changing, and not for the better.

From Broad Barrow we walked along the track untill we overlooked Grimspound . We then took the right hand track which dropped down to Natsworthy Gate(721802) passing the stone that commemorates three airmen whose plane crashed there in the Second World War . It was twelve noon and flying around near the woods there was a bat catching flies. I don’t think I have ever seen a bat out at that hour of day as active as that

Then across the road and along the lane to Jay’s Grave passing the huge oak chair that has been put in the field there as some sort of modern day sculpture. I like it, it’s fun. It stands on the high ground overlooking the valley that runs down to Widecombe. We saw it with Honebags Tor behind it.

Kitty Jay hanged herself many years ago, and because her death was a suicide she couldn’t be buried in consecrated ground. As no parish wanted her either, she is buried at the end of that lane on the parish boundary. There are always fresh flowers on the grave and nobody knows who it is that puts them there. Spooky eh?

Then along the road to Hound Tor(743790) and down through Bonehill to Widecombe. After refreshments it was up the hill to Two Crosses.

Hound Tor